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Eliminate manual touch with automated accounts payable processes

DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing completely automates your invoice process, from data capture to approval to posting directly to your accounting or ERP system.

It combines modern process expertise with our zero compromise cloud and mobile applications to eliminate the waste of manual processes and refocus your team on strategic, profit-driving projects.

According to APQC1, organizations pay up to $12.50 to process an invoice. Delays and headaches are not surprising when you consider the stream of paper and electronic invoices in different formats, with different accounting details, demanding far too much manual input. But this can be solved.

Now you can:

Automatically digitise and read incoming invoices and match them to purchase orders

  • Use preconfigured workflows to accelerate the approval process

  • Review and approve invoices via any mobile device

  • Record approved invoices back to your accounting or ERP system through
    seamless integration

  • Maintain a secure, organised and searchable invoice archive for audits and budget

Get up and running in just days when you shift to DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing.


The solution delivers many productivity benefits:

  • Capture, sort and archive invoices from any device or any format (scanned paper, email, mobile captures and more) in an easily searchable file structure.

  • Extract detail of all invoices, including split code billing, and automatically match to corresponding POs with DocuWare Intelligent Indexing.

  • Remove manual touch with automatic approvals based on vendor-related quick match or three-way match.

  • Route invoice approval requests based on amounts, vendor name or split code billing with multi-levels. Configurable workflows uphold approval policies while automating information to decision makers.

  • Automatically post approved invoices to your accounting or ERP system, eliminating double entry and greatly reducing errors.

  • Automate the setup of new suppliers.

  • Eliminate searching for contracts, shipping documents and information necessary to pay the invoice.

  • Record notes directly on the invoice image with annotation functionality.

  • Maintain compliance and a complete audit trail with versioning, encryption and automatic folder filing.

  • Integrate with SAP Business One, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks and other systems to archive and find documents directly from the ERP.

  • Process invoices promptly, take advantage of early pay discounts, keep track of due dates and status changes, and gain deeper control over your cash flow management.

  • True multitenant SaaS solution built on Microsoft Azure for high reliability, scalability and security

  • Built for converting manual, paper-centric processes into fast digital workflows

  • Known for ease of use and straightforward implementation

  • Subscription model eliminates upfront investment and provides an immediate ROI

  • Extensive experience with digital transformation for invoice processing

“Docuware has been a key factor in helping us to better meet the accounting needs of our customers the last couple years. Since implementing our accounts payable workflow, our accounting team has decreased the average time to process a batch of invoices from a little over a day to less than one hour. This increase in productivity allows us to both pay our vendors and bill our customers more quickly. All of these new efficiencies are helping us to grow in a healthy way.”


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